Frequently Asked Questions


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We have shapes and sizes to meet everyone’s idea of “the perfect tree”
Balsam fir has been the traditional tree of choice for many years and is grown naturally in Atlantic Canada
Always turn lights off when not at home. Keep tree watered daily.
In certain counties there is a free tree removal program that picks them up curbside. Check with your local waste management.
Always make a fresh cut of about 1” before putting in stand. Most importantly, never let tree run out of water as it will re-seal and not absorb anymore water.
Our trees are cut from wild(forest) and plantation(field) stands. There is natural regeneration in our wild stands and we replant every year in our plantations
The scent of the balsam can affect some people with allergies just as certain perfumes, soaps, etc.
We have tree removal bags and stands available on site at our u-cuts. For larger customers/other tree growers we can provide twine, stands, balers and netting by contacting our office.


No. You must cut your own.
Coming to our u-cuts you need to bring either a hand saw or a power saw to cut down your tree.  Rope is always good if you’re going to be tying it to the top of a vehicle. We love pets and all dogs are welcome.
We do have a limited amount of hand saws on site if someone happens to forget one.
Christmas! Our U-Cuts open near the end of November and operate until about five days before Christmas day. Anytime during those dates is a good time to get a tree.
U-cuts are cash only due to no power…all trees $20 (including baling) taxes in.
Keep in mind both lots are located in the woods so dress appropriately as depending on weather, things can get messy.