U - Cut

U-Cut your Christmas tree the old fashioned way!  Choose your favourite tree and cut it from our field.  The family will remember the tree you all chose. We provide trees to large distributors where you can purchase a pre-cut tree, but nothing replaces coming out to our lot and cutting your own!  Our site is located in Clam Harbour.  It is a wonderful site, so plan to pay us a visit.

What to Expect and Bring

Selecting and cutting your own Christmas tree is a fun and memorable family experience.  Keep in mind the lot is located in the woods so dress appropriately as depending on weather, things can get messy.  We love pets and all dogs are welcome.  Baling is included in the cost of the tree if anyone wishes to have their tree baled.  Baling means wrapping your tree which makes it much easier for transporting on or in a vehicle as well as getting the tree into your home.  We accept cash only as we have no power at the lot.  The lot has a few hand saws on site for loan but it is recommended you bring your own hand or power saw.  We do not provide pre-cut trees.   Most importantly, come, bring your family and stay as long as you like.  Picking out the “perfect tree” has been a tradition for families for many years.

Clam Harbour

One of Nova Scotia's best U-Cut tree lots. Close to the Halifax and Dartmouth metroplex. 56 pristine acres of trees. Spend the whole day at our lot, have a picnic, or just a family adventure. On a clear day you can see forever: Panoramic view of the eastern shore. Huge variety of height, size and shape, it's your choice - you do the choosing and cutting.

Clam Harbour Map